The GARAGE BAND Project  (DOCUMENTARY FEATURE In Production, USA.) What’s more American than the dream of becoming a rock ‘n’ roll star? THE GARAGE BAND is a personal musical documentary that traces the history of a friendship through the ever-changing musical landscape of the last 45 years.  Beginning in the singer-songwriter scene of early 1970s Los Angeles, we meet Paul, Marty, Greg, Tony and Danny, a group of teenagers with the dream of becoming rock ‘n’ roll stars. The film then takes the viewer on a journey to present day with Danny suffering from Parkinson's disease and Marty (the original lead guitarist in the band before Danny), dying from ALS disease. Faced with the reality of his friends’ physical decline and subsequent deterioration, lead singer Paul undergoes an emotional upheaval, and ultimately, a spiritual awakening. Beginning in 2006, Paul decides to get his former band mates back together to play the music of their youth as a way to triumph over the debilitating disease that now appeared in their lives and in the lives of other close friends around them.

THE GARAGE BAND is a 10 year project that covers half a century of life. While the film explores the lives of a group of musicians, the core story focuses on the relationship between the two front men of the band, Danny and Paul, and why their colliding yet unrelenting visions of ever doing anything pronounced with their collaborative talent, ultimately fails. A coming-of-age story manifest in the American singer-songwriter, THE GARAGE BAND is an exploration of the meaning of music and how it changes as we grow up and grow old. It reflects a lifetime of desires and disappointments for a group of musicians bearing witness to man's quest for happiness in the face of frustrated dreams.