I AIN'T SCARED  (DOCUMENTARY FEATURE In Development, USA.) Robinson J. Eikenberry was a gifted artist, musician and producer, talents that all started to appear at a young age. When Rob lost his father to suicide at age 17, his writing talent emerged; lyrics were often accompanied by music, and another mode of expression was born. Robinson's aspirations to become a great sound engineer and record producer became his new life task so he turned his humble living space into a recording studio and began recording all of his musician friends. From then on, "Robinson's studio" was a spiritual safe haven where creativity through musical expression, sound exploration, experimentation and innovation using computer technology were all fully encouraged. He recorded hundreds of singer-songwriters and all types of musicians over the next 25 years. When anybody asks me about Robinson, I usually say something like this: "Anybody who's anybody that came out of the Santa Barbara music scene back when recorded with Robinson.” To say he was one of the most innovative and talented music producers of the last half a century would be an understatement. Robinson passed away of a heart attack in July of 2017, but his legacy and contributions to the recording arts world live on. 

I AIN'T SCARED is conceptually, a musical documentary that will offer an intimate, personal portrait of a spiritually enlightened yet tortured, artistic genius who spent every ounce of his energy creating things, but primarily helping others fulfill their dreams by making records and understanding the world  just a little bit better, together, one session at a time. As Rob would put it, “What shall we create today? I ain’t scared.” (For more information on the making of this project and how you can contribute, please contact us!)